Packerless Gas & Solids Separator


Unveiling Excellence: Silver Energy’s remarkable downhole separator delivers unrivaled gas and solids separation. Backed by ingenious engineering and a proven sales legacy nationwide.


SilverSeparator is our packer-less separator that utilizes tight clearances to speed up the fluid & gas velocities before entering a large annular area where is slows down and falls into the intake.

where is our Install base?

Silver Separator has been solving issues with poor and inefficient pump fillage, gas interference and solids issues for over 3 years now, We have happy customers in all major US basins and internationally.


Performing in over 248

wells with an average

GOR of 24000 and wells

in excess of 1000bbls/d


DJ and Powder River has

over 70 installs in

wells ranging from

300bbls/d to

900bbls/d with high GOR


140 installs in wells

ranging from 400

to 1000bbls/d with

GORs of 38000.


38 wells and growing

ranging from 400 to

1000bbls/d withhigh GLRs


Our first installation

was managed buy our

international partner.

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Can we prove we are better?

Having run many trials and side by side comparisons to competing products, we consistently exceed well performance expectations in pump fillage, pump efficiency, and solids mitigation.

Well with traditional "poor boy" separator

Dynamometer Card

We achieved 33% more pump fillage...

Same well with Silver Separator

Dynamometer Card

Well with common desander

Dynamometer Card

Solids are no longer an issue and pump perfomance is optimal...

Same well with Silver Separator

Dynamometer Card