Noise mitigation is a set of strategies to reduce noise pollution and reduce the impact of that noise. We minimize the noise as it travels along a path to the listener by providing and acoustical barrier around the offending noise.

We make your operations compliant:


The universal fork pockets and lifting rings makes assembly quick and easy with a small telehandler.

Perforated Face

Each panel section is filled with sound absorbing Rockwool insulation and the front is perforated steel.

Quick Assembly

Can be moved and rearranged without tools. All connections are pinned and rated for UBC/IBC wind load requirements

Sound Transmission Loss

% Octave Band Center Frequency

100 Hz

125 Hz

160 Hz

200 Hz

250 Hz

315 Hz

400 Hz

500 Hz

630 Hz

800 Hz

1000 Hz

1250 Hz

1600 Hz

2000 Hz

2500 Hz

3150 Hz

4000 Hz

5000 Hz

STC-37 Sound Transmission Loss

17.9 dB

19.9 dB

20.8 dB

21.3 dB

25.6 dB

29.3 dB

30.0 dB

32.5 dB

35.8 dB

39.5 dB

44.1 dB

48.0 dB

51.1 dB

52.0 dB

54.6 dB

53.3 dB

48.6 dB

49.6 dB

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